Hi. I have androgenic alopecia with hair loss focused around the back of my crown. I've worn full wigs in the past but I would love to go super la naturale. I recently went o a consultation at Bosley. I am trying research more about it and was wondering if anyone in this site - particularly women - has had any luck with a hair transplant? It's costs about the same amount as two high end wigs but it would be so cool to be able to grow my own hair in my bald spots. Thanks.

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I just had a transplant done around the front of my hairline, as my first wig was pinned in and unfortunately pulled out all of my hair around there. I believe it was 1,500 grafts and I paid $7,000 Canadian. The recovery was much longer than they said. I had mine almost 2 months ago now and because I wear a wig it hasn't been healing as quickly. I did however have my dermatologist look under the microscope at my scalp and she said she can see ton of thick hairs growing under the skin. So that is good news. My advice is go wig free for at least a month or two.
Hi. Thanks for the reply. I go wigless now. I had been shaving my head and wearing a wig but in 2017 I haven cut my hair and I am seeing what grows in. I have noticed two balding spots on my crown. I was told that for the procedure I would need to have the back of my head shaved (where the donor hair would be coming from. Is that true? Did you do FUE?

I would be careful about wearing your wig has your scalp heals. I have a friend who had a hair transplant and she wore a wig afterwards and later found out that she smuthered the new hair and the grafts didn't take. She is the only woman I know that had the procedure so that's why I am looking for success stories. Thanks again for your response.
Unfortunately I have to wear my wig if I'm going in public. Just wish I gave it more time before I put it back on (I gave it 3 weeks).

I did the strip transplant because I have lots of hair on the. Ack of my head. If you do too, I would go that route.


My advice is to really do your research.  I had a hair transplant in 2005.  It did not take and it worsened my androgenetic alopecia.  My loss was primarily on top of my scalp, but the transplant exacerbated the loss extensively.  I now wear wigs 100% of the time.  I would love to go bald but because of my scar, I don't.  After the surgery, I had 64 staples at the back of my scalp that were painful, and they were painful coming out as well.

Others may not have had this reaction to a hair transplant, and that is why I advise you to thoroughly investigate before making your decision.  Everyone is different and reacts differently.  While I am comfortable wearing my wigs and have adjusted to my hairloss, I do wish I didn't have this scar.  I didn't have anyone to talk to before my surgery and felt very alone.  You are not.  Please reach out if you need anything.

Best to you, 


Again, I am not a doctor but AA is an Autoimmune Disease and your body is attacking your follicles, when they translate the hairs from here to there they are still attached to your body and they are going to be rejected. I think that these hair transplant places are not legit if they mislead those with alopecia. They should tell them that this type of process is not for them. What really makes me mad are all the people that take advantage of those with AA whether it be for surgery, wigs or snake oil. Shame on all of them when we are at the most vulnerable. 

I think the person who posted has androgenetic which is what transplants are for. I have AA but the front portion of my hair was pulled out from a wig so that can be fixed by transplant too. You're correct though in saying it doesn't work for an autoimmune form of alopecia. I have some small spots in my transplant area which I expected would happen.

My wife had hair transplant at Eye brows. For some days after hair transplantation he had some swelling on his face as well.  It was same situation even after  3-4 days. It took 7 days to be normal.

Now after 9-10 months she has a thicker eyebrows & she is very happy. Whole procedure was done with Fue hair transplant at Pune.

Generally speaking transplants are less successful on females and the surgery can shock more hair to fall out. Dr. Keene in Tucson May have more answers, and go to Spencer Koban's website for info. about transplant doctors. Good luck.

My name is Emily and I work for a company called Monat. I sell haircare products that are anti-aging, are made of naturally based ingredients, and that don't have harmful chemicals. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee (even if you send back an empty bottle). That being said, we have less than a 1% return rate. I can give you some more info, if you're interested.
My transplant was actually a great success! As mentioned earlier, I have AA but I had traction alopecia around my face from clipping in my wig. I can now go wig free for the first time in 6 years. My alopecia did act up a bit following the procedure and it probably would have been smart to do a round of steroids right after the surgery to nip my alopecia in the butt, but it worked out in the end. I've included before and after pics :). Now I just use some dark brown hair powder on my alopecia spots and I can walk around wig free!

I had my hair transplanted three months ago, and I do not regret for a moment that I made this decision; I only regret that I did it too late. I had primary scarring alopecia, so my dermatologist suggested that I have this operation. It's tiring to wear a wig, and your self-esteem drops a lot when you know you don't look like everyone else. I had a hair transplant at the novahairtransplantnyc.com clinic at the dermatologist's recommendation. I appreciated the care of my doctor throughout the process.



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