I seem to be the only person in Exeter (Devon) to be brave enough to go around in normal a working day without a wig on. Are there any more of you around who are brave enough like me. I feel I'm the only person! It would give me such confidence to meet someone else.I'm always on the look out but never see others like me.

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I know there are a few Lovely ladies in Britain that prefer not to wear head coverings. Laura and Sharan are the two that spring to mind at the moment. They are both in the Alopecia UK group. Maybe you could contact them. Good luck with finding people to join you.

I think you're really brave. I wish I dared to go out bald. I look awful bald though as I'm a bit on the chunky side!!
I do it every day and I know a couple of others who do too!! xxxx
I don't know anybody in Britain, but if you ever come to New York, I bet you'd find a bunch of people who walk around bald and proud! I see it in NY all the time!
I'm 16 from Bristol and I do it every day, I don't know anyone else who has it....
Hi Margaret
I live a very free, bald life now and a very proud alopecian but rather north to you unfortunately.
Glad the weather now better its been a chilly winter up here so glad to get rid of my fleecy hats.
AUK had a xmas do in Derby where I sat in a room full of alopecians.What an experience that was after years alone (or thats what I thought) with this condition. Stay in touch and you just never know whats round the corner.
Warmest wishes
Good for you! I wish I lived nearby and could go for a walk with you. I keep looking for another bald woman out in public without a wig in San Diego, California. Maybe someday there will be more of us.

Hi :)

I live in Nottingham, and I like you just walk around with my head bald :) Good on you! And no, I've never met anyone just in the streets like me, but never mind, I don't mind being different :)

x Keep on going!!!
I live in Portsmouth South Coast UK and very very rarely wear a wig, I think everybody locally has got used to seeing me, even though I have just moved. And you cant miss me as Im 6ft tall and pretty chunky, oh yes almost forgot and BALD. I will walk with anybody, as long as its not too far, and has a pub at the end ! Shame Exeter is a bit too far to go just for a walk.
How is the hunt for "Baldies" going Margaret?
Hi Margaret. I've been strutting my stuff (wig-less) for 27 years in Leicester! - Love it!!! - I've only ever met three other (male) alopecians that totally accept ali-p... and all of them are a riot! - I've seen many more, but you tend to get a certain vibe from people that would "rather not talk about it"... hey ho.

You are a very brave lady though. I think I can count on the fingers of one hand, the amount of female alopecians I've EVER seen. One was standing at a bus stop I was passing a few days ago. Gorgeous looking girl & looked really confident. Hats off to all that are bald & proud!!
Happy National (which means whatever nation you're in!) Bald Out Day to everyone in the UK!




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