Hi guys,

I know alopecia is very unpredictable, but I honestly think the vitamins I was taking for a few months triggered my alopecia and it's very aggressive.

My hair fell completely out 15 years ago and it grew back within a year with full regrowth. I have never taken vitamins or any type of supplements in my life. Back in January, I decided to take a women's daily vitamin and biotin to get nutrients and to help my hair become more healthy (I LOVED my hair BTW).

Three months later, I have aggressive alopecia and it literally feels like my hair is trying to jump off my scalp. It's progressing so bad, that I will be in a wig in a few more weeks.

It has to have been the vitamins. I think my immune system was working fine even though I don't get a lot of nutrients/vitamins (I eat a lot of fast food, drink a lot of soda) and when I started taking vitamins, it boosted my immune system and made it malfunction thus triggering the alopecia. I completely stopped taking the vitamins. I read someone where that people with autoimmune diseases can be sensitive to certain vitamins which do more harm than good. What do you think?

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I think the trigger can be anything and that is what drives us all crazy trying to figure it out. It is so difficult to predict.

I've been through this myself, wondering what may have triggered me each time I go through a time of shedding, I only have the white hairs on all my under hair near my neck and around and above my ears, I'm not sure that this will ever come back now, and I'm having trouble finding any answers as to if it will or won't once the white hairs have taken over? Meanwhile, I too have felt that suppliments I have taken have spurred a episode, one thing that I felt most recently may have had an effect on me was Cordyseps Siensis (spell?) its a mushroom complex reported to help modulate the immune system, my understanding was it was very helpful for people who have auto-immune issues as it normalizes the immune system, I was so excited for something possitive and my hair was doing pretty good,not falling out at the time I started using it, I can't honestly tell you if I had run out for a short period of time or during using it continually, my hair began to fall out and I lost quite a bit, my hair has quit falling out as much, and I'm starting to notice some especially the white ones coming back, but it was quite extensive. I did some extra research on the mushrooms and did find some stuff on the internet that sounded like it was possible to be a trigger for conditions, and may make autoimmune issues worse, so what I came away with was "who knows" even the so called experts differ. I will never really know if it was just a coincidence or not, but I'm not taking it anymore. I was told to take silica for AA, but shortly after taking it I developed extreme Dry eyes, I now produce almost no tears at all, and have to wear protective contacts so my corneas are not getting constant damage from the scratches, the pain was unbearable. I guess we have to be the best judges of what is best for us. I'm willing to try almost anything within reason if I thought it may help my AA, but with minimal risk. How are you doing now that you stopped the Vitamins?

I was taking biotin which I still take but I had to do away with Vit B and Selenium (sp?) - my shed slowed once I got rid of them - the biotin makes the hair I do have grow super fast - faster ever than in my past. Evening Primrose Oil had zero effect so I stopped it too. I also take D as I have tested low on that which is no surprise since I get VERY little sun light - I detest the sun and all thinks warm - I should live in an igloo!

hmmm ... this is food for thought. I'm currently taking a combo of women's 1 a day and biotin which i started about 3 weeks ago. i had started noticing grey hair sprout along my hairline quite rapidly and now they've stopped and i actually feel like some have fallen out. I'll have to take a closer look at this. I've noticed that the things that other people tend to use for hairloss often at times give a reverse effect on people with AA, AT and AU. Case in point, Prednisone. It's been proven to grow hair for us (temporarily and with a massive health scare), but causes serious hairloss for others. Thanks for sharing and did you stop taking the vitamins?



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