Good morning everyone,

I just wanted to write to let you know I live in Canada and I have suffered from Alopecia for 28yrs. Last May I started into a study with the Jak inhibitor and I have grown a full head of hair. I was totally bald and didn't have a hair on my body. Everything is slowly coming back. This has changed my world. I am so please with my progress. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Now they just have to get the insurance companies to get on board with this. Hang in there everyone help is on its way!

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congrats! do you know what drug or trial you were participating in?

Hi, yes it is through York Dermatology in Richmond Hill, T.O. Dr. Alavi. It's the xelijanz I forget which dose I am on. As far as I know the study is still open. So if you give them a call they can give you the details. 905-883-7997

I am thrilled that you had such great results. Our family member was on it for a while without any real side effects. However, once she stopped taking it the hair all fell out. They need to find a drug that cures the condition rather than just treat it. Lets turn off that immune system that fights the hair follicle once and for all. 

Nutrition, reduce inflammation in the body by eating the proper foods. I have almost fully reversed my alopecia by nutrition alone. 



if you can, could you give me some advice about nutrition?

hello  it is very nice     please share with us your nutrition advices. It is very helpful

thank you        

I agree. We all want that miracle drug. But this is a stepping stone in the right direction for the researchers I feel. Hopefully in the near future they will find the cure. That is what I am praying for.

I live in BC. Did you purchase Xeljanz from Beacon? tx

congrats and how are you now?

Treatment is possible through the prescription of drugs, vitamin and mineral complexes, ointments, solutions, and various cosmetic products and procedures. It depends on the causes of alopecia.

With the help of competent and properly prescribed treatment, it is possible to slow the process of alopecia and its complete cessation in some cases. If treatment is impossible, which, although rare, happens, there is a way out - in modern medicine is widespread and successfully used hair transplantation, which, incidentally, has become quite affordable and gentle. Gartner Plastic Surgery can advise you on this matter.

hello jobruilen

can you share with us about mineral complexes you know that it could be helpful?

thank you for your advice

It's my understanding that ordinary baldness is not a disease.  Alopecia areata (totalis, universalis) is a disease--an autoimmune disease.  So, how can a hair transplant help alopecia areata in any of its forms?  Wouldn't the immune system start attacking the follicles again after the transplant causing the hair fall out and, more importantly, not regrow?



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