I am participating in a clinical trial in a few weeks. The medication is called Baricitinib and is used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis. The results seem overall promising. Has anyone took part in such trials? Or can anyone give me their input on it/ know if it's effective ? Looking for personal experience or knowledge of the medication. 

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there are a few threads about it here


one fellow had started a trial in August 2018. 

It's promising that we now have 3 drugs that are in phase 3 trials for alopecia treatment!

The baricitinib trial breaks down patients into three groups, roughly 1/3 in each group.  The low dose Bari is 2mg.  It's pretty well been proven safe, and Lilly believes the success rate with AA will be about 60%, and of those, only a minority are predicted to make it to full, 100% regrowth.  The high dose Bari is 4mg.  1/3 of study participants will be in that group.   This is the most concerning of the groups.  Baricitinib has been black boxed for various potentially fatal health concerns including cancer and fatal blood clotting.  You might want to think deeply about if you want to expose yourself to a long term (54 week) high does JAK inhibitor.  The health risks will just be too great for many people.

The 3rd group is the placebo group.  So long as they dont experience spontaneous regrowth on their own, and that's even a single patch, they will be switched over to low or high dose Bari after 34 week and will have about a year and a quarter and its predicted they will get their SALT score up to probably 50 on low dose and 80 on high dose.  

So if you're going down the Bari (Lumiant) route, high dose is truly a guinea pig route....think about if you fall into any high risk groups and what your health is worth to you.  

Consider that if your in the placebo or low dose groups, the health risks will be substantially lower, but odds are you probably wont get 100% regrowth....more likely a patchy, though fairly well covering regrowth.  You'll still most likely be obviously an alopecia sufferer.  Finally, the durability of 'JAK hair's is low.  Odds are that after exiting the study...after exposing yourself to potentially fatal or at least the long lasting effects of manually suppressing your immune system, your systemic inflammation will return, as nothing will have been done to address this.  You'll have 2 years of partial regrowth, then be back to wherever you normally would have been.  Best of luck!

I appreciate your courage! I hate it when people say that those who take part in clinical trials are some guinea pigs. That's just bullshit. I have myself participated in several clinical trials and never felt like one. Sometimes I was given a placebo, and the experience was actually pretty fun. But regarding Baricitinib, I've never actually heard of it. But, don't worry. Before actually taking part in the trial, they must explain everything. They'll also talk you through the ingredients of the medicine. By the way, do you guys know anyone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease (asking for a friend)? Apparently, my grandpa was exposed to Paraquat and developed Parkinson's because of that. We've filed a lawsuit, and we're hoping to get some money back. I've heard that more lawsuits are expected in 2023, which is insane. Anyway, my question is, what medication are they taking? Thanks in advance!



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