HI Guys,

Has anyone imported Xeljanz from india via Fedex?

Just wondering if its reliable and if it gets through customs without issue.


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hi there! no ive never sent it for testing  but as with most generics i would presume its just a bit under

My source, told me that he can't send my order now until June 8, I asked if he could somehow send me at least one bottle. He said he would tomorrow.

Hi Carlie,

Is your source from Beacon or another pharmacy?



Great news!

No, I use Beacon but he was my first source and even though he is more expensive, I've continued ordering from him too.

Now my source is telling me that they cannot import to the united states because my country isn't accepting imports. DHL will start on the 16th.

Does anyone know when India will resume shipping to the USA?

Just received delivery from Beacon via DHL to Australia.  Took 1 week which is surprising.  Really hopeful deliveries to other countries begin soon.

Great news!

Any one hear from Beacon.When we were emailing back and forth about my order and sending money I heard back from them within 24 hours.Now that I sent the money and it has gone thru nothing.Everything is going back to semi normal conditions everywhere what could be the holdup.

They were really responsive up until about a week ago. Since then its been crickets

HI Anisha

I got an email reply today from Beacon with details about how to place an order.

Hopefully they contact you as well.




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