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Norm replied to Tallgirl's discussion Send me some humor! in the group The Over 50 Crowd
"Hiya Jeff :) Hmmm...I think the answer to your question is "the usual number", but you'd not really want alopecians changing light bulbs cos the glare off the shiny heads would just end up dazzling peeps ;) Am I right? (cries of…"
Jul 27, 2019
Norm replied to Tallgirl's discussion Send me some humor! in the group The Over 50 Crowd
"Now come on, TG....if you're invisible, no-one will see your new bald spot, will they??? I dunno, some peeps are just looking for reasons to complain... ;)"
Jul 24, 2019

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Hi everyone, I'm Norm. I started losing my hair at 18, and it was gone by 24. At 22 I decided "what the L" and just shaved it all off. I've got MPB, or to be posh, Androgenetic Alopecia... AGA for short (which I suppose makes it the "cooking" type of baldness :) ). It's never bothered me - in fact I always really liked it - it's other people's reactions to it that fascinate me (which were pretty extreme back in the day). So if you'd like to chat about that - or anything, really! - say Hi and ramble on... :)
Do you have alopecia?
Male pattern baldness
Are you age 18 or older?
Yes - I am 18 or older

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At 9:09pm on April 11, 2014, Cheryl, Co-founder said…

Norm,  You know I always enjoy your comments and post!

At 1:49am on April 5, 2014, Cheryl, Co-founder said…

Hey Norm,  It has been a while.  I miss you ;)

At 7:16pm on November 23, 2012, ShoCorona said…

Ay-up Normski....... I thought I would drop you a wee line to yer wall! As I aint much on this site anymore. I then saw what was on yer page ''NO WAY'' I can't believe that BTB has completely harassed you on yer wall, it doesn't make sense.... what's his problem!?! Anyhoo I'd just like to say I hope all is NOrmland and thank you for the massive support/understanding and fun you've brought into my world o'er the last difficult ''1st'' year of being an alopecian bird.. You rock and who cares what small minded peeps think eh eh... keep smiling, hiPpy diPpy hugs shO :) x

At 11:06pm on October 30, 2012, Tallgirl said…

Well, it isn't EXACTLY mine today, too...but close enough. And I am STILL older than you! Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween to my main alopecia support person. So glad I stumbled upon you on this site!

At 7:32pm on October 13, 2012, BTB (John) said…
Norm Norm Norm you really do have self esteem issues and the childlike defense osture you have taken shows a self absorbed personality who is unable to to put in the effort to improve your overweight issues and your feeling of unattractiveness. You attack everything about my success as it is a threat to you and I am a constant reminder that if you had the moral fortitude to exercise your health not only improve your sickly appearance but also extend your life. You hate that at my age my body is a head turner and that I look so hot with a rippling set of muscles. I can wear the latest fashions as I have the body to make clothes hang on me like a male model. My extensive financial success also rancours you, I know from members of the group you are struggling financially and do not the business acumen to get yourself out of the debt your in. I have been in financial crisis and I got of my arse and studied the root cause and the solutions to them now I am finacialy placed to buy anything or travel anywhere anytime and I can be os a major charity supporter. I present speeches fund raising events to over a thousand people and I am so good at it with the expertise I have as a presenter and my physical appearance looking so hot both the men ans especially women write out great cheques and it is pleasing to see the awesome public I have doing so much good.
Your still concerned about latent homosexuality and I can see why a single man who cannot use his social skills to meet women and still be single at your mature age would be thinking of changing teams. You are not alone here Vnajorm it is more common that you would think, and again I offer my professional help to help you through to the right decision. Now also Norm when quoting your limited educational skills to denigrate my superior skills juts remember I have written this information so as to make it simple for you to understand. Using spell check to expound your language structure makes you look desperate, and an hour of Dr Phill does not qualify in psych studies of human behaviour. Your a funny man Norm and I do feel empathy for your inability to relate on thus site your not an Alopecian your just a bald man and have no understanding alopecia and its affects. Until you do don't post comments that come across as self serving and self congratulatory, also leave the women alone who find your sleazy comments from an old mans like yourself as just plain sad, as well as your deep rooted need to be admired for something as you know in your heart just how far short fall in the desperation you exhibit so often on this site.

It's time to grow up and no longer make yourself look like a silly old man who can't come to terms with his physical, emotionally, financial, and fear of his own. Latent homosexual feelings.

At 5:18pm on October 11, 2012, BTB (John) said…
I am sorry about the homophobic fears I raised in you, fear of being thought of as gay is threatening to many men especially if they are not sure of their sexuality. I am comfortable with any gay feelings I have and find many men very attractive George clooney now he could make me change teams for sure. As for my hair transplant I very open about it and have had so many positive comments from my fiends on this site saying they would do the same thing if it was available and as for Pat she loves me having hair to stroke, I must being doing something's right to have her love me for 43 years, and it is more than my good looks, it is more that I am a man who knows how to respect her and be wonderful husband to her. Thanks for the compliment on body and the way I have kept it firm overnthe years, I still have an awesome 6 pack and I am held up as example at my gym on what can be accomplished by healthy eating and exercise, if enough people tell you have an absolutely hot firm body that's not narcissm it's believing in the honesty of people who admire and respect someone who has not let there stomach become a health issue. I admire how you are able to accept your physical appearance it says a lot for your being able to ignore health warnings and are not afraid of diabetes heart attacks etc, I don't have that in me and being with a smoking hot partner like Pat is a great incentive to stay around and be healthy so as to enjoy the beinifits of a healthy sex life. I am in Bangkok as we speak taking care of business having to travel here several times a year is a drag but it is my success in business that has allowed me to afford my hair transplant and buy hair in bulk for Pat. Pat and I have worked hard to be financially secure and it gives us the chance to help others in poorer circumstances than us I do believe false modesty is for those who realize they have a lot to feel modest about, I don't have anything to feel modest about so why should I. I really apologies for bringing up your fear of homosexual approaches, I am a councilor and have counseled many men on this's fear don't be afraid I have many gay friends and they are wonderful people. I have written comments on women pics on this site and never had one of their express fear that my comment was a come on. Overcome this homophobic fear and if you can you will fear much more comfortable with your decision on your sexual preference. I will be happy to discuss it with you anytime and impart my training knowledge in this area to you. I have been asked to post some shirt of pics if you would like to see them I would be happy to oblige, I have a speech presentation to give so better hone it up public speaking is another one of my skills and it helps raise money for the charity I represent and the hot bod does certainly give the women in the audience a reason to get out there cheque books. Bye Norm stay frosty man and keep it street real my main dog.
At 9:45am on October 10, 2012, BTB (John) said…
At my age I do know better hence no fat guts great physique and great health, mind you you do carry the jelly belly look well and the bald look makes you stunningly handsome you lucky thing. I can see why you are popular fella.
At 3:43am on September 17, 2012, Tallgirl said…

Norm, was it just your grandfather who had alopecia, or your mom, too? Anyway, your background with that, your own waaaaaayyy-too-early MPB hair loss in your early 20s in the Liverpool long-haired era, your wife's chemo hair loss before she died and your dating mishap with the alopecia gal all made you have the understanding you have now about life vs baldness. Thanks for all your understanding and support over the last two years. Sure missed talking to you during those months when those AW gals were posting inappropriate videos on your profile page! Thank goodness someone took them off! -One alopecian

At 12:29pm on April 21, 2012, ShoCorona said…

hey there Norm-ski.... hope you is having a fab weekend, thought you might appreciate this.... :)

At 7:01am on April 9, 2012, ShoCorona said…

Ahoy there m'hearty!!! twas luvverly talking with you last night.. tis been a wee while indeedy :) I checked up a few self catering apartments and f**k me they be expensive!! Methinks it'll be cheaper getting rooms in Premier Inn/Travel Lodge etc.. Let me know what you think young man.. HiPpy huGs shO :)



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