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hi hope everybody had a good posting this blog to see if anyone has any good ideas.i love tattoos and i was wanting to have another done but i like them to represent things in my life,i was trying to think of something to represent alopecia as it has been a struggle and had a big impact in my a way iv learnt a lot about myself through losing my hair. any ideas anyone has would be greatly appreciated thanx x

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well thats it iv done it finally my hair is now been shaved off,i feel so much beter now that im not finding hair all over my wigs sit beter and my scarfs dont slip off.

i think the thing that helped me was doing it nice and slowly,as soon as my bald patch arrived i wore a thick lycra hairband and then started wearing scarfs with a little hair hanging out,then started tucking the hair up the back of the scarf......slowly i got used to my new appearance and then when i shaved…


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Tired and sore

so far i have a 4inch by 4inch bald patch on the left of my head and a coin sized one on the right but for the last few days iv been really tender on the top of my iv been bashed hard on the head and i had this before my hair fell out on the sides so it looks like i might not get away with wearing my thick hairband much longer and have to just shave it.i think shaving might help me feel more in control somehow.

the only thing i don't get about alopecia is every time before… Continue

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hi i was wanting advice from anyone who has had to deal with negative reactions from their kids with dealing with alopecia. my eldest boy is 12 and he is mortified that i might go totally bald.tact isn't his strong point as he has asperger syndrome but it really hurts and i don't want to be an embarrassment to him.i tried a wig on and he covered his eyes and said i looked terrible and i should get a wig that looks just like my old hair.i was dealing with this quite well until this happened!any… Continue

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Tell tale signs

hi everyone,i was wondering if i could get some advice from your stories about AA when the patches started forming.
i have 2 patches just fully grown and 2 new patches which are completely bald, but before my hair falls out i have tenderness on that area of the scalp as if iv had my hair in a tight ponytail all day.......anyone else have any signs that their hair was about to fall out?

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hi im new on this site,i came across it by accident while googling alopicia. iv developed alopicia areata while i was halfway through my 3rd pregnancy,the 2 patches fully grew back after a year but now im geting more patches appearing. i have had a pretty stressfull life over the last year or so and im wondering if the patches have came from the stress or if they just hapened to arrive at the same time.

has anyone else had alopicia that they think has arrived from stress directly? any… Continue

Added by laura on September 27, 2011 at 11:00am — 3 Comments

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