10 Clever Comebacks: Handling Offensive Bald Comments

Dealing with offensive comments can be challenging, but responding with humor and grace can often diffuse the situation. Here are 10 comebacks to offensive bald comments:

1. "Bald and bold – a combo that obviously intimidates some."

2. "I'm too busy living life to worry about my hair. How about you?"

3. "Being bald doesn't define me, but your comment says a lot about you."

4. "Funny how my hair loss is more interesting to you than your manners."

5. "Oh, you noticed? Congratulations on your detective skills!"

6. "I may be bald, but I've got a thick skin."

7. "Let's talk about something as irrelevant as your comment – like the weather."

8. "You must be an expert on hairstyles. What other profound insights do you have?"

9. "My baldness may be temporary, but being rude seems to be a lifelong commitment."

10. "Remember, kindness is free, but your comments could cost you some friends."

Add some of your own or do have other ways that you can share with the community that may have help you in these situations. 

For the more kinder at hear ;) 


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Comment by dreamscometrue on August 11, 2023 at 1:40pm

Absolutely hilarious clap backs!  You are so pretty Cheryl, you rock bald really well!  

Comment by dreamscometrue on August 11, 2023 at 3:46pm

@Shawnaynay I think what you're saying sounds very angry and coming off as very defensive.  If you react like that every time someone says something ignorant about us being bald and having this disorder, you'll be doing it for the rest of your life, and who wants to live like that all the time?

People can be really ignorant, especially adults who should know better, this is just the society thats built today.  We have choices; we can play into it with them and be on defense all the time, or just throw up a middle finger and keep moving.  Some things and/or people are just not worth the agrrevation.  

Comment by Cheryl, Co-founder on August 11, 2023 at 11:48pm

@dramscometrue, LOL!  To be honest I can hardly come up with them when the situations arise, I usually just raise my eyebrows.  But, #2 I could see myself Using:  . "I'm too busy living life to worry about my hair. How about you"

  If you are referring to the photo in the blog that is my "I am not too impressed" face.  We are photographers and my husband love to have me sit for him when he is testing...even if it is 3 am.  Hence, this facial expression :)


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