ABC News reported:

A 9-year-old girl from Grand Junction, Colorado will be allowed to return to school after being banned for shaving her head.

Kamryn Renfro shaved her head to support her friend, Delaney Clements, who is battling cancer.

"She's my best friend," Renfro told CNN. "It felt like the right thing to do."

"I have cancer called neuroblastoma and I've been getting a treatment called chemotherapy and it makes my hair fall out," Clements told CNN. "It made me feel very special and that I'm not alone." But the charter school she attends, Caprock Academy, said the haircut violates school dress code.

"The school she attends has asked her not to return to school until her hair grows back out, because in the family handbook it clearly states that students may not have shaved heads," Renfro's mother Jamie posted on Facebook Sunday.

"We do sign that we understand and agree to the rules every year...but honestly, I never thought my 9 year old daughter would do something so courageous, brave and selfless," Renfro's mother continued.

The Facebook post went viral -- making headlines from California to New York.

"Our number one priority was and is still, to get the policy revised at Caprock… and get Kamryn back into the classroom to help make her statement about childhood cancer awareness," Renfro's mother posted Monday.

Renfro was given permission to return to school and there was a special meeting Tuesday night to discuss the school policy."

I am curious to know what you think of this school's policy as well as this little girl's gesture?

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Comment by Jana on March 26, 2014 at 1:07am

I would like to hear from the school directly - and hope we do - as to the purpose of this policy. I had read earlier that it only applied to girls. Now this piece says it is a general rule.  We are not talking about a high school here, where I suppose there could be concerns about extremist expression. Why a grade school?  Why have this kind of "proactive" rule?  It is quite clear - given how viral this went - that we are not a society that wants these kind of restrictions taught to children. This school learned its lesson today . . . 

Comment by Mallory Crowner on March 26, 2014 at 8:07am

Caprock has a FB page.  I took my picture and sent it, along with a message, to them.  I STAND UNITED WITH KAMRYN AND DELANEY!

Comment by suz on March 26, 2014 at 8:29am

Upset that the school views shaved head as not following dress code. It is this type of action that makes those with alopecia, cancer or any condition that might make one appear different from the "norm" to feel like outcasts or unacceptable. Shame on them. Individuality should be celebrated not condemned or punished.

Comment by Tony on March 26, 2014 at 8:36am

There may be a reason that the policy was originally implemented but the simplest way to solve this is to amend the policy to allow the Principal or School Board the authority to grant exceptions and this would be a clear case to make an exception. Kamryn is an amazing young lady and should be commended for her actions and her selfless act of love to her friend.

Comment by Ann Cutts on March 26, 2014 at 9:12am
Where is the common sense? The compassion? These leaders cannot understand the difference between a cult shaved head (in elementary school?) and what this little girl did? These college educated people obviously lack not only critical thinking skills, but basic thinking skills. There is NO excuse for what they did, cold heartedness and ignorance!!! And seriously it needed to go to the school Board to LET her back in?? No thanks, I'm sure another school would be happy to take her (although that's not the point).
Comment by JimB on March 26, 2014 at 9:30am

I wonder what would had happend if a "teacher" had shaved her head ????? !!!!!      I wonder what would had happened if other girls would have shaved their head after Kamryn shaved her's ????? !!!!! ..... I wonder what would have happened if other girls and women had shaved their head ????? !!!!! I wonder what would have happened if the "boys" had shaved their head after Kamryn ????? !!!!! .......... Here we have a you lady who wants one thing, "for her friend to feel she is not alone and no one is laughing behind her back ....." and what do those who teach our children do ..... SMACK HER IN THE FACE for her support ..... Maybe the parant should strap them down and shave their head ..... Or, maybe withhold their salaries until they shave their head in support .....

Comment by sueb on March 26, 2014 at 10:25am

It's just so sad....I am praying for the school board to allow her to come back.  

Comment by Dorothy on March 26, 2014 at 11:08am

Apparently they feel that her education is secondary to her hair, great thinking for a SCHOOL.  Shame on them, I have spent 41 years trying to accept that my hair did not make the person, guess I was wrong, without hair you can not even go to school.

Comment by Cindie on March 26, 2014 at 11:28am

I am cruel and insensitive.  This little girl is brave and courageous!  I am going to write the school and tell them what I think of their "policy."  It's discriminatory! 

Comment by Dena on March 26, 2014 at 1:47pm

I have a 7 year old with no hair so this situation really affected me. My 19 year old is the one who saw the story and showed it to me. My daughter heard us talking and was totally confused as to why a school would do something like this to a student. Her reaction was "What does hair have to do with learning?". Then she commented I guess they think I should wear a wig to make them feel comfortable. It broke my heart to hear her say this because in private I have had a parent ask me once if I would have my daughter wear a hat of something because she thought it made her kids uncomfortable. To which I replied that maybe that sounded more like a problem with her kids not mine and she should use it as a learning opportunity for her kids. Luckily my daughter wasn't aware of this conversation and has since become friends with the girls. But it is really hard to be in the same room with their mother. I would think with all the bullying stories we hear about today's kids, that the school would not only support this girl but hold her up as an example. I am wondering if this is mainly an issue because the child is a girl.


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