How many people on this site just end up bicing the remains and go smooth bald?

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The Head Blade works so much better than the bic. smoother, no nicks and way fatser. Gotta love it for my patch
I've done it a couple of times -- my suggestion for going smooth is this: When you initially take it all off, have it done by a master barber with a straight razor -- it really is the smoothest shave!!! To keep it up, use a Gillette Fusion razor (I like the Fusion Power with 5 blades and a battery) -- less strokes, no nicks, and you can go longer between shaves. Just make sure you use a good moisturizer afterward (like the one you use on your face or even Johnson's Baby Lotion) AND DON'T FORGET THE SUNSCREEN!!!

Yes, I'm a girl, but as my coworkers often say, I have the personality to pull the bald look off!!! Rock on!!!
I've been going through cosmetology school ironically i got diagnosed with AA..I'm sorry to bring this up but i've done alot of studies on brand names and products and their qualities. Johnson's baby lotion is yes, affordable.. but when choosing a lotion or scalp shampoo, it's best to find something closest to the Ph of your skin. I recommend Burt's bees. Although sometimes spendy, well worth the dollar. You can find it at Whole foods, new seasons and places like those.. or even online.
Have to say I haven't done that yet but I'm sure I will pretty soon. I'm finding that what's left starts growing back my head get's really ichy so I"m constantly shaving my head. If I ever get creative w/my "dome" i'll bic it before I start drawing on my scalp or doing whatever I come up with.
That's exactly what did when I went through yet another bout of hairloss in my early teens. The whole damn thing was so depressing, watching it fall out strand by strand. I needed to get on with my life and not be held hostage by Alopecia.

I felt such enormous relief when I finally chose to shave the rest off, best thing I ever did! I've been smooth and sexy ever since then! :-D
I felt those same feelings once I shaved it off and talk about how a heavy rock was lifted from my shoulders. I felt a huge relief and continue to shave. I ask myself why I put it off for so long instead of develping low self esteem and feelings of worthlessness and ugliness. I can once again look at myself in the mirror and I"m thrilled at that. The "big shave" was a dramatic emotional turning point in my bout with a.a.
well dont have to bic anymore but when i was spotty i did every morning
It really was the most iberating thing to be rid of the "bits and pieces" I had left. Less depressing then watching it fall out ever so slowly!
Eh, I tend to keep the remainder of the fluff short because its less messy that way. And, I think I look less like a rat with plague if its more even! So, I shave it pretty often.
When I did lose all of my hair at first.. (I have AU and no hair since I lost it) and it was very thin all over my friends shaved it and biced it after... it was a great day actually.. I could see who really loved me..
Before my Alopecia got bad,I had this beautiful long hair when it all started to fall out I found it traumatizing to watch the hair fall to the bottom of the shower floor,it took me years before I ever had the courage to shave the little that remained on my head.Something interesting happened to me the first time I ever took it all off,I got my self esteem back,I got control back.It's been years since I have had hair and I shave all of the time.It's great.
I have been growing more and more hair over the last year, but I continue to either buzz it or shave it off.

I am at a point that I like the look and as well not having to manage my hair or worry about what is coming in or falling out.



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