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I have had alopecia for 25 years now and my hair has grown back fully twice in that time. I have been enjoying having almost a full head of hair (never got eyebrows and eyelashes back but will take what I can get) for about 3 years. It is now however aggressively falling out again. I feel like as a 35 year old who has had this condition for so long should know how to handle it however it seems to have brought on the worst spate of depression and anxiety that I have ever experienced.

I am in the middle of what can only be described as a black hole and really can`t see any way out of it. I think I am okay some days but other days I get home and I can`t stop crying and lashing out (verbally) at my partner. I am fairly convinced that if I continue this way not only will I end up losing my hair, I will probably lose my job and worst of all my other half. Our relationship seems to have degenerated into a situation where I am always being cared for as a victim, rather than an equal. This leaves my partner feeling emotionally exhausted.

I have booked an appointment to see the doctor and am considering treatment for depression, has anybody else been through this? I have read that antidepressants can actually cause hair loss which seems awfully ironic when that would be the root cause of the problem. I just don`t know what else to do, at the moment I literally can`t see a way out of this situation I am in.

I can`t bear the idea of wearing a wig again, I really hated everything about it. I am not really looking for advice on how to cover up, I just need to hear that there is a way out of these awful feelings. 


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it can be difficult to get out of that state on your own. "treatment" doesn't always mean pharmaceuticals. Talk to your doctor and start the process. 

good luck!

Hello from a mother who has a daughter with AU. I truly believe I have suffered more then her and to be honest that is ok. They way I find my way out of hurt, depression and just saying, "why my daughter?" is helping others. You need to find a passion, a way to help others with their situation. I volunteer with the Cancer Society, Feel Good, Look Great program. These are women who are fighting for their lives. In this 2 hour class they learn how to apply makeup and learn about wigs if they chose to wear them.

If we continue to focus on our own losses, we do nothing for the greater good. After taking a call from someone struggle with Alopecia, as a phone support person with NAAF I feel good, it is almost like a "high" and it takes away my pain. If you continue to lash out at others they re going to have no choice but to run from you. Please do not push people away but rather draw them into your world and give of yourself and iI promise this will help some. "Happiness comes in proportion to acceptance", Michael J. Fox said this and it is my mantra. Please stop before it is to late and you lose everything else that is so important to you. Start today. All my best. Lisa (ALO-MOM)

Depression can be hard so times. I understand your struggle mate, after I broke up with my girlfriend, I was in real pain, this depression is killing sometimes. But you need to be strong to make it, that's the key. You need to count on yourself in this kind of situation. In case you don't know how to deal with it, you better ask the help of a doctor. Just keep in mind that depression is treatable, you just need some help in critical situations

You need to talk to your doctor. It can be difficult to get out of that state on your own. Treatment doesn't always mean pharmaceuticals.

You don't have to be afraid of your problem. Depression can be treated in most cases. When I had mental health problems, I went to basepoint psychiatry dallas texas. After treatment I felt much better.

I know this feeling sucks, but you'll be okay, I promise! My boyfriend faced the same issue, and he was also always so anxious and insecure. He even did therapy. You could maybe try it as well. I highly recommend the psychoanalyst from psychoanalystlondon.com. Maria will support you going forward for sure! But, c'mon! You're young! You have to relax, smile, focus on the positive, and laugh. P.S. You have to accept yourself as you are and love yourself more! Don't forget that when you accept yourself the way you are, the world recognizes you! Sending love!

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