I was wondering what insurance companies people have been able to get to cover Xeljanz for our condition. I am currently with Blue Cross and they have covered it for the past two years, but I now have to send in a new pre-auth and I don't know if they will continue covering it.  My husband's employee group insurance is with Aetna and I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with that company, or any other insurance company, for that matter.  Thanks.  

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How'd this end up going. I am switching from Cigna to Aetna and wondering if Aetna will cover me for AA. I know they require a preauth. Wondering how your experience we t. And if you can give me any pointers
Hi Newjack. It didn't go too well. Aetna refused to cover it on the basis that it is not being used for RA, and they won't cover off label use. We appealed, and my doctor sent a letter, but it was denied again. Blue Cross Carefirst did civer it again, however, untill 2019.

I just got it approved for my 14 year old daughter through CIGNA for 1 year, but she will be on a different insurance starting Jan 1st.  So I am hoping that one, which is a Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan will cover it.  Fingers crossed.

more interesting (to me, anyway) is her age; are there any other patients that young that have been prescribed xeljanz? 

is it topical or oral that she is taking? I know there has been a study on topical jak inhibitors on children 10 and up

What state are you in because Blue Shield of California has  constantly denied coverage.

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