Hi, my name is Kat and I'm 42. I have been in a medical trial with Eli Lilly since March 7th of last year in Dallas and I'm just curious who else out there has been on a trial for this drug?? I wanted to share my experience because I had a tiny bit of hair to start with (86 percent hair loss), but had lost all eyebrows and eyelashes by the time I got to participate in this trial. I actually shaved my head totally just before the trial so that my researchers could have a real idea of the efficacy of the drug with a "ground zero" starting point. I had surgery in 2011 that required me to be anesthetized and this is the time that alopecia decided to stick around more than just in a few patches periodically here and there. Anyway...this trial I have been on feels like a miracle because I'm growing back eyebrows and eyelashes, and the best part is that as of April 7th of THIS year, I am at ZERO percent hair loss! Now let me be clear, though - that does not mean all the hair is even and robust or that my eyebrows and eyelashes are full enough that I can go without brow powder or eyeliner. But I am pretty amazed at the technology that has allowed me to be at this point already. I am wondering, though, since we're talking about well..."lab assisted" hair growth, so to speak...how long it takes for hair to get to a point where I don't have to wear a wig anymore, since it's not growing at the same rate as it would grow in nature? If anyone knows anything about this or has been in any trials, I would love to hear your experience. I haven't had hair since 2011...so this is a bit overwhelming (mostly good but...still kind of just....all around overwhelming!) Looking forward to reading your responses. Cheers from Dallas, Kat

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while you're on the trial are you able to use things like rogaine or biotin? these both accelerate "lab assisted" hair growth

Biotin is helpful but I feel like Rogaine is basically snake oil. I also don't really want to put additional chemicals on my scalp while I'm still under medical supervision. My hair is finally all here, it's just thinner on the crown still.

Happy to hear that it's working, any updates?



Glad to hear this worked for you, Kat. Would love to hear how things are now. I was in this trial for 76 weeks and unfortunately I had no regrowth on my head, though I did regrow body hair.

I'm like Elizabeth.  I was completely hairless 2 years ago.  I'm about to make 70 weeks on Baricitib, and have regrow very thin and lightly colored body hair.  I've also regrown snow white hair on about 20% of my scalp, where I used to have black hair.  The study doc said he's going to kick me out of the study as a non-responder next month unless there's a miracle and I grow 80% coverage in the next 4 weeks.



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