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Head shave tomorrow!

Had enough! Stupid stupid hair, not worth all the stress and getting all depressed, so off with it!

Dramatic I know, but if it makes me feel better about myself.

Take care everyone :) xx

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Back to square one :/

I just need a bit of a vent!

I thought my hair was growing so well, not total regrowth, but at a fairly unnoticeable areate stage. But just lately it seems to be falling out everywhere!

I've booked to see a specialist at the hospital, but thats not until December!

I guess I more worried that now I have to tell people all over again, as Ive just moved back to uni, new people, new circumstances.

I don't want to be trapped in the 'hiding it' phase again,… Continue

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Hi everyone :)

I haven't written a blog for quite a while now, so here goes,
thought I would update you all... I have some regrowth! it's not everywhere (is it possible to go from areata, to totalis then back to areata?) that appears to be what is happening.. strange.

Take care xxx

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Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK!

Hey all!

Thought I would keep you all updated! I moved into University halls last friday!! Loving it so far! I couldn't have asked for better house mates, really they are so so lovely! A house of 6 students, 3 girls and 3 lads. All studying different subjects, but we get on so well! We have a real nice family vibe, taking it in turn to cook for everyone each day, and the lads are so protective of us 3 girls when we go out!

And NO ONE cares about the 'bald issue'. I have had a… Continue

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If you were this man... thank you!

Hi there fellow bloggers :)

Just thought I would type and tell you of my little happy story for the weekend.

So there I am, stepping off the tram in Nottingham City Centre, Old market square, with my Mum and my Oma. when a man ran up to me and touched my shoulder. for a moment I thought he was going to tell me that I had been a right numpty and left something on the tram, but actually, he said:

" Hi, sorry, you don't know me, but I just wanted to say, that you are really… Continue

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Just a catch up! Minus the cuppa tea unfortunately!

Hello fellow alopecians :)

Hope everyone is doing fine and dandy? Good stuff :)Thought I would add a blog, as I haven't done so for some time now. And I appear to be in a happy chatty mood :) No more college! my exhibition opens on tuesday! This should be fun! very excited and looking forward to it, will deffinately take some photos and post them on here. My project was based on recycling and becoming a greener society. My final art piece was a huge frame (about the size of a door frame)… Continue

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How annoying!

Does anyone else get this?

I went into town with my mum for a bit of a girly day out shopping really. We were queuing to pay, and with it being half term holidays, we were next to a mum with her two young daughters. The youngest, about 4 or 5 years old, kept staring at me and whispering to her sister, "That girls got no hair". okay I can accept that. I'm sure I would have at her age. then she turns around to her mum, "That girls got no hair". okay, a little annoying now. once…


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Hello :)

Hi Fellow Alopecians :)

Just a short blog to say "Hi", sorry I haven't blogged for so long!! Oh well, I'm back now :) Just back from London, had a nice time looking around all the galleries; saatchi, camden arts centre, frith street, royal academy of art and all over the place really! I managed to conquer the tube system! :)

Hope everybody is doing…


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Lovely Lovely Fuzz!

I will definitely have to upload some new photos, if only to show off my new head fuzz! I can't believe I'm this excited about a bit of stubble but what the hey! It's coming back thick and black! Even though I was a natural blonde! Weird! shame that its not everywhere, darn AA!!! But never mind, still bald (ish) and proud :)

Take Care, Liz x

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You have no idea how relieved I am!! Now I can stop worrying and enjoy my summer holiday!!

Fine Art- A
English Literature- B
(Btec) Music Technology- Merit

So I have definitely secured a place on the art foundation course for 2009-10!! :)

Hope all other students out there have had some great results!!

Take care, Liz x

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Venting alert!

Hi people, I apologies now for the huge vent!

well basically, it's like this...

I was in town today with my dad, walking around, no hat, no scarf.. it wasn't too sunny then so I thought it would be okay. Just walking through the car park and this mum with her little boy (I'd say about 6/7) in his school uniform walk by. Okay, thats normal...but. This annoying, obnoxious little boy decides to stop dead still, have a really good old gawp at me...and proper comedy cartoon style… Continue

Added by Lizzie on July 6, 2009 at 4:43pm — 2 Comments

Wednesday 17th June 2009

Hi :)

Thought I should update my blogging, as I haven't written for a while, and I have had quite an interesting day!

Went back into school today for the first time in a good few weeks (Oh the life of a student on study-leave!!) Had to set up my art exhibition in the art room, which was a bit of a palaver, but at least it's done now!! What a relief. Although I had forgotten what the little scum bags in the younger years are like. unfortunately there was a class of year 9… Continue

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Hi :)

This past week I have come to realize;


b. Yes, my hair (Or lack of rather) looks odd


It has taken me a very long time to say that. when I was 6-10 all I wanted to do was keep my hair, then it fell out. 10-16 I just wanted to fit in with a natural looking wig and have no questions asked, it didn't work. 16 upto now I've kind of been a in a bit of a void, not really sure if I was comfortable… Continue

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Hey There Everyone :)
Hope everybody's okay !
Well, I'm very glad to say that.... I have one A level exam left!!
Just one English Literature exam on the 18th June, then I'm done, finish, over!!! Such a relief let me tell you!!!!

Well, all the best everyone!


Liz x

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Monday 4th May 2009

Just thought I'd let today out, hope no one minds.
I've had one of "those days" I'm afraid, getting pretty tired of hearing "Oh my god...her hair... must be chemo" or "Eer, freak" being whispered where ever I am.

I was meeting a friend in the local park this afternoon, and a mum actually came a moved her kid away from the park, just staring at me, honestly!

Liz x

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Hi there.:)


I'm Liz. I've had Alopecia Aerate for.... about 9-10 years now, (I've not really been counting!) And thats okay :) It's been good, and it's been bad, but thats life! School was hard, primary was fine, but moving to secondary school was tough, but you get passed the staring and the awkward questions, and eventually my hair grew enough so that it would hide the patches.

But yet again AA strikes, and yesterday I decided to just get rid of it! I feel in control now!! Yes, people… Continue

Added by Lizzie on April 20, 2009 at 3:25pm — 3 Comments


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