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Three men talk about hair, masculinity and the stereotype of the hairy 'manly man'

Having body hair is loaded with social judgement for women. For men, it's a sign of traditional masculinity that is still alive and kicking. These days, more and more men are trimming or completely getting rid of their body hair but for some guys, not having that choice is a big influence on how they feel as men.…


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Beware of the hype--science hype, that is

Over at TheGlobeAndMail.com, Timothy Caufield warns that "overly enthusiastic representations [of science] can mislead the public about the readiness of a technology for clinical application, thus generating unrealistic expectations. Hype can skew research funding and lead to misinformed policy debates. And it can have an impact on clinical decision-making. It may also facilitate the marketing of unproven therapies – a…


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Is it a fetish or mere fascination? It may pay to find out

I met the bald woman of my dreams on MySpace.com in the spring of 2007, and I can't tell you how grateful I am that she didn't summarily dismiss me as some creepy dude who simply had a bald fetish.

When I saw her photos on MySpace at the time, I thought she was as fine as they come and I let her know it. Yes, I knew she was bald due to alopecia areata because that was one of the first things her profile stated and she was bald in all her photos. However, it didn't matter one bit: She…


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Photographer's stunning images of alopecia sufferers as part of project to create awareness about the condition | Mail Online

It's a hair loss condition that often robs sufferers of their self-esteem and confidence.

Now a photographer has taken this stunning gallery of images of people with alopecia to raise awareness about the condition.

Click here to read more at DailyMail.co.uk.

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The Bald Man and the Fly

THERE was once a bald man who sat down after work on a hot summer's day. A fly came up and kept buzzing about his bald pate, and stinging him from time to time. The man aimed a blow at his little enemy, but — whack — his palm came on his head instead. Again the fly tormented him, but this time the man was wiser and said:

"You will only injure yourself if you take notice of despicable enemies."

SOURCE: Æsop.(Sixth century B.C.)…


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It's something you need to hear

I am continually impressed by members' willingness to share their struggles, triumphs and insights -- especially since it takes real courage not only to reach out for help, but to also reach back with help.

I see this all the time in Alopecia World and, trust me, I realize as much as anyone that it's this very kind of openness that makes our beloved community so strong and appealing to alopecians from all over the world.

I could never thank each of you enough…


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Cool story of a famous bald guy logo ;-)

Valve bald guy logo Recently, a Redditor wrote Valve Software Company to inquire about the bald guy in the Valve logo pictured here. The Redditor got this really cool response from Ray Ueno:

I worked with Gabe and team to develop the "guy in the logo" back when we first named the company, Valve (circa 1995/6), and…

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Happy birthday to AW's founder, Cheryl Carvery-Jones! :-)

Cheryl Carvery-Jones, Founder, Alopecia World Although AlopeciaWorld.com was launched on March 7, 2008, today is also a very special day in the life of our beloved community.

Today, January 13, is the birthday of Cheryl Carvery-Jones, whose life inspired the founding of AlopeciaWorld.com not only because she has alopecia, but more so because she has a heart for…


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'What's so brave about being bald?'

How would you respond to the following quote by Gail Porter?

I've just come back from Vietnam where I did a trek for the Children's Trust, a charity for children with brain injuries and life-threatening injuries. So it does help you put things in perspective. Some magazine, which I won't name, put me up for bravery awards. What's so brave about being bald?…

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What better way is there?

September is Alopecia Awareness Month and, as it gets underway, I must confess that I still haven't found a better way to promote alopecia awareness and acceptance than by showing my love for my alopecic and adorable wife everywhere we go.… Continue

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The economy and your alopecia

There are indications that the nearly universal economic downturn is going to last much longer and probably get even worse than most economists and other experts will officially proclaim.

Have these abysmal economic conditions altered the way in which you cope with your alopecia?

In other words, do you now find yourself spending less on wigs, make-up, counseling, or perhaps even travel to distant support group meetings?

Or, do you now find yourself trying harder…


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The cancer question -- I finally got it

Well, it was bound to happen to me, and today was the day.

Cheryl and I went for a walk and stopped at a local restaurant to order water.

While I was paying, Cheryl stepped away to get a couple of straws just as an older woman tried to touch her and say, "God bless your heart."

Realizing that I saw her, the woman smiled at me and asked without pause, "Does she shave her head, or does she have cancer?"

I immediately responded, "Neither. She has alopecia areata, a…


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Real Housewives of NYC: Jennifer Gilbert's son diagnosed with alopecia

This week Jennifer Gilbert wrote on Twitter, "My son is diagnosed with alopecia. A strange AI that causes his hair to fall out. We are devestated. Anyone know anything about it?"

I don't know her son's age or the type of alopecia he's experiencing, but I'm calling on the entire Alopecia World family to reach out to her.

Please let her know that you heard the news on AlopeciaWorld.com and that our beloved community…


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Favorite quotes about baldness :-)

Here are several of my favorite quotes and sayings about human baldness, a few of which are mine. ;-) Please share your own as well as let me know what you think of the following:

"Say it loud: I'm bald and I'm proud!"

- Anonymous

"Bald is the new black."

- Anonymous, but often attributed to Gail Porter

"They say most men are not attracted to bald women. I say most men lie."

- rj, Co-founder, Alopecia World

"Women's liberation will not be…


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You really are amazing!

Alopecia World inspires far more people than those living with various types of alopecia.

I think about this every time I am approached by a non-alopecian who not only recommended the site to someone struggling with hair loss, but who also regularly visits AlopeciaWorld.com because they are deeply moved by what they see and learn from our beloved community.

Trust me -- I know the feeling.

As the husband of the alopecic and adorable co-founder of Alopecia World, Cheryl…


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How to compliment someone with alopecia?

As a non-alopecian, I'm curious: If people would like to compliment your "look," how would you like them to do so? I mean, if it's specifically your "hairstyle" or lack thereof that they like, what's the best for them to tell you this without offending or upsetting you?

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What I think about you!

I can't help it. I just love this amazing support community and the invaluable contributions that so many of you make to it. Not only do I appreciate each and every one of you, but I truly admire you as well. Your compassion, your courage, your resiliency, and your determination inspire me in more ways than I can count or chronicle. I will always be profoundly grateful, not only for what you've made Alopecia World, but even more so for what you're making of yourself. :-)

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Just married! Cheryl & rj :-)

I am delighted beyond words to announce that Cheryl Carvery and I are now husband and wife. :-)

We married last Saturday, April 18, 2009, and we are just getting the word out because we spent this entire week trying to doing nothing except rest!

We deeply appreciate your best wishes and ask that you continue supporting us with your prayers, positive thoughts and presence in our beloved community known around the world as Alopecia World.

We also invite you to…


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Watch Gail Porter documentary on AlopeciaWorld.com

You can now watch BBC's entire documentary about Gail Porter and her bout with alopecia here on AlopeciaWorld.com.

This poignant documentary follows her life as she comes to terms with living with alopecia universalis (total loss of all body hair).

To see all five parts, simple go to the "Video" section of Alopecia World or click this link.


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