I have received a lot of interest from others on here in my involvement with the Xeljanz trials at Yale.

I thought it would be nice for everyone if I documented my progress on here. 

Xeljanz is a Jak3 inhibitor and is believed to work with alopecia by turning off the distress signal relayed by the hair follicle to the attacking immune system which is the cause of the hairs falling out. Xeljanz comes in a strength of 5mg per pill and a full box contains 60 tablets. The recommended dosage for arthritis is 1 tablet in the morning and another in the evening each day.

The trial is set in a series of stages and there are requirements before participating. These include monthly visits and blood tests every 2 weeks. Dr Brett King is absolutely fantastic and is an inspiration to me. His positivity and enthusiasm gives me the much needed hope I have craved for over a decade. I have been put on a low dose to start with which is 1 tablet every other day. My dosage has now been increased to 1 tablet every day and next month it could be increased to 2 tablets per day depending on the results. 

I have completed my first month and have already noticed my alopecia has stabilised . I have not lost any existing hairs. In addition to this I have seen little hairs growing in my chest area as well as eyebrows. Fingers crossed! To date, I have experienced no side effects.


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hi newjack are how you your blood tests is still good? cholesterol etc ...

are you still on 20mg of xeljanz?

I will probably switch to baracitinib because I have a bad response from xeljanz at the level of the hair.

I am still on 20mg and my cholesterol sucks trig are great, HDL amazing but my LDL is horrific. My derm is not concerned and does not think it's serious because how well my numbers are with the other 2. 

My other blood results are fantastic (as my doctor would say) and my hair is still in tact. No issues. 

I hope you are doing well Kevin, and barcitnib gives you the results we are all looking for :)

Truthfully, Sam, your "doctor" sounds like a complete clown!  If he/she is a dermatologist, I can only tell you that most dermatologists are useless when it comes to treating alopecia areata.  They keep trying to treat it as though it is external, when it is a well-known fact that it is internal.  It is an auto-immune disease, and your doctor should have known that.  You will most likely find more sane and useful advise from the people here than you will from conventional US medicine.



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