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A little update

Well... I shaved my head again. I was a little sad about it, but I feel like it's all for the best.  Whenever I shave my head and go back to wearing wigs I feel that I'm taking back control.  It's the way I cope with alopecia. I hate that when my hair tries to grow, another spot forms.  I decided I didn't want to deal with it anymore. So right now I'm back to wearing my wigs. 

Earlier I was thinking about how much things have changed over the past few years.  Last year I started…


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Feeling torn

I have not blogged in a really long time. I just need to vent. Back in August of 2013 I cut/shaved all my hair off for the second time. My hair was very thin and my bald spots were growing. I was sick of losing hair and was ready to take control of my alopecia. It was a good thing I did because in December of that year I had a large bald spot on the top of my head. I wore wigs from 2013 til May/ June of this year. Back in April/ May I noticed I had very few bald spots and decided to try to…


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I haven't been on here in foreverrr! I'm horrible. So here is a little update! My last blog was in September. I'm happy to say my hair is still growing! I'm not sure how long it is,but I'll post a pic soon. I have a few bald spots but they are small. I noticed itty bitty hairs where the one spot is. : ) I'm hoping my hair will stay in but right now I'm just enjoying having my hair again. I feel bad that I haven't been on here. My life has been crazy. Alot of things have happened and I…


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Things are going great. : )

Hey! How is everyone doing? Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. I'm going to try to get on here more! I had a great summer! I had a wonderful birthday and I made some new friends. : ) Life has been pretty great so far. My hair is still growing . I hardly have any bald spots and I am so thankful for the hair growth! I am very blessed. I wear my wig most of the time but it's getting hard to wear it now. I don't feel comfortable enough to go out in public without a bandana. I just wish my… Continue

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Grow or shave ? Hmm

Hello everyone ! It's late and I am not sleepy . ( perfect time to update you all ) I have some regrowth . I'm kind of excited , kind of not . I LOVE my wig . It has helped me so much but I do miss the hair attached to my head . I haven't shaved my head it a while . Last year in the summer it was so hot & I know this year will be the same . With the hair underneath it makes it hard to wear my wig . I will probably wear bandanas this summer anyways . I miss coloring my hair crazy colors . I… Continue

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I got my wig :)

I got my wig ! And I love it ! I am so happy to have it . I was going to get a custom wig ,but we ran into some problems . Our insurance will pay 80% for a wig . That is wonderful but we found out that they will only pay one wig for lifetime . I am blessed that our insurance will cover that much , since so many people have trouble with insurance companies. But it was still hard to hear it because our previous insurance would pay for one every 2 years . My dads work changed the insurance stuff .… Continue

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I miss my hair

Right now I feel sad . I miss my hair . I have some regrowth but not much . I guess some is better than none . Right now I'm not shaving my head because it is so cold outside. I'm hoping to get a wig in a few months but it seems forever away . Part of me wants to try to let my hair grow , the other part says just move on with your life . I always feel stuck ! I do not regret shaving my head . I did it to take control . I just miss my hair right now . I'm afraid of growing my hair out & it… Continue

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I'm a Princess!

I really want to go into a store and pull off my bandana . I could wear my tiara . lol . I'm bald .... And I'm a princess ! HA ! : P I have been thinking about this for a while & I really want to do it . I think I'm going to make me a shirt saying something about alopecia . And I want it to say " Yes, I'm bald . And I'm a princess ! " I can make me some cards or something with my story & have a friend go with me. Just a thought . What do you think ? Oh yeah , I shaved my head again . Go… Continue

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Trying to hold on

Hey everyone ! In this blog I'm just letting everything out . I went to the dermatologist on Nov. 8th . I went hoping to get a prescription for a humar hair wig . I got into the room , He came in , looked at my head & told me some treatment options . He wants me to try a cream but it might do a rash on my head . ( OH JOY !) We didn't get to ask him about the wig . I left the office walking down the hall crying . I was so dissapointed . The whole point for going to the dermatologist was to… Continue

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The old lady in Walgreens

Today I went into walgreens & was headed to the bathroom when I met this old lady . The bathroom door is locked where you have to have a code to get in . ( which I think is stupid , especially when you feel like you're going to pee your pants . lol ) But anyways , I met her & she didn't know how to get in , so I went and got the code . We got in ( this sounds like some kind of top- secret mission . ) & we were talking and when I was getting ready to leave , she asked me if I was… Continue

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I shaved my head! : )

I did it ! I shaved my head ! On August 15 , 2010 @ 11: 25 ? pm . : D

I feel good ! I was planning on doing it in September but, I changed my mind . lol

Earlier I was crying in my room upset because the day I planned on shaving my head was so far away .

I couldn't take it anymore ! I was so tired of seeing my hair fall out . I hated to take a shower & wash my hair because hair would be all over my hands . I hated seeing hair on my pillows & floor . So I went to talk… Continue

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Summer! ♥

Hey everyone ! I hope you're having a great Summer ! I'm having a pretty good one .

On July 4th I turned 16 !!!! Wooo ! lol . My morning started out like this : I woke up to my mom and dad singing " Happy Birthday " to me . : ) My dad went to Mcdonalds earlier that morning & got me breakfast . I went into the kitchen , opened the bag & noticed a plastic bag .So I opened it up and seen that they got me a Tiara ! ( I always wanted one . lol ) After breakfast I got dressed & Me… Continue

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I don't know what to do . : /

I cannot make up my mind ! I bet Y'all think I'm crazy ! lol . Everything seems to be going great, then ... BAM !!! I get all depressed .I have no idea what to do .I have been thinking about shaving my head after my birthday , like a week or two after . My birthday is July 4th . : D And I will have my party on the 10th . So I wouldn't be doing it till at least a week after then . I feel like I'm losing my mind . I have a few issues about the whole shaving my head thing . I worry too much about… Continue

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I just now thought of something . I have come so far from where I was at . It blows my mind ! I'm just like, WOW !!!! A year ago or almost a year , I thought about suicide . I felt so miserable . So alone . I thought I had no friends . That no one cared bout me . That was all lies from the Devil . I remember crying and writing in my journal and putting : I don't really want to kill myself . But I hate how I feel . I feel so alone . ( or something along those lines .) I kept thinking , I could… Continue

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Saturday! : D

Hiya Everyone ! I felt like doing a blog . Today is Saturday and right now everything is going good . Yesterday I noticed that I have another spot on the top of my head . bummer . : ( I cried a little bit and I talked to my wonderful mom . : ) She's the best ! I am so blessed to have her ! I am leaning toward the direction of if it gets bigger I'm cutting off my hair & getting a wig . But first , I'm getting a wig cap and trying my wig on again . ( I forgot to mention that in the first blog… Continue

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First blog!

Hi ! I'm Mackenzie ! And I have Alopecia Areata .Okay ! So... here is my first blog . Lately I have been going back an forth between ,do I cut off my hair and get a wig ? .I'm not really sure what to do. I still have alot of my hair , but there is this one spot in the front that is kind of big . I get my hair cut to cover it up , but there is another little spot not to far from it and I'm afraid it's going to get bigger like the other one did . It's so hard being a teenager… Continue

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