HI Guys,

I'm on Generic Tofacitinib from Bengladesh.

On Aug 10, I increased doseage from 10 mg to 15 mg per day.

I started March 1, with not one hair on my head. no eyebrows very few lashes.

Here is my pic today as compared next to 4 weeks ago.

Right Side:

Left Side:

Baseline March 1:

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This is absolutely amazing Nicole ! Thank you for sharing.

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for sharing. Looks amazing.  How did you go about getting the generic version? How much did it cost?

you look awesome! would you mind sharing your source for the generic brand? 

congratulations on your success!

I can't recall from the other thread, but have you been on the generic indian version the whole time or did you start on actual xeljanz? 

Hey Chris.

Great question.
Heres what i did:
Months 1-3 phizer coule for xeljanz us name brand / 10mg per day
Month 4- bought a full price bottle of us xeljanz / 10mg per day
Month 5-bought a bottle of xeljanz from canada / 10mg per day
Month 6-got a bottle of xeljanz thru insurance. Doc had me add one 5mg pill per day. This extra pill was generic from beacon bengladesh / / 10mg per phizer per day / 5mg beacon per day
Month 7-All 3 pills per day were generic from beacon bengladesh./ 15 mg per day

I see no difference in how i feel or my growth progress switching from full xeljanz to mixed with generic to fully generic.

For those asking.The generic is from Beacon Pharmaceuticals in Bengladesh.
It is call Tofacinix 5mg.

Heres the company web site. Go to the link at the top for "Quick Order"

It has come to my door thru EMS 3 times now with no customs issues.
I have tested it in a lab against the phizer and it came out exaclty the same for tofacitinib quality. However, the lab I used does not test for quantity per pill.

Happy to answer any other questions
Will post photos after 8 months as I continue on fully beacon generic.

Hi Nicole

I just read some info about this unlicensed drug. I don’t want to alarm you but it has been reported to cause some unwanted and quite serious side effects like cancer, and serious infections such as TB. Please read the article on the belgraviecentre.com website.

I hope you are aware of these risks of using the drug.

Its not available in the UK as it’s unlicensed which means more thorough testing is needed to ensure it is safe to use.

I therefore would advise you to stop the drug immediately to avoid any risk to your health.

Thank you


Hi Patrick, 

I know you mean well and posting with the best intentions, but be very weary of anything you read at the belgravia site. You have to understand that they're in the business of selling their hair products & services. Anything that cuts into their profits like Xejanz is going to be spun very negatively.

But you're right, Xeljanz is a biologic immuno-suppressant and taking it carries some risks of infection and even cancers that shouldn't be taken lightly. 

On the other hand, have you look at the warnings and side effects for Aspirin? Among others, there's a risk of bleeding to death. 

Each person has to decide if they're comfortable with the risk.


Thanks Patrick,
I appreciate it.
Yes I've read that article.
I've read them all :)

I'm working closely with Columbia University and I get blood tested etc.
I know there are risks but they are very low.

For me, Ive decided it was worth it, but that is a very very personal decision for everyone.

The drug is FDA approved here in the states. So I feel ok with it.
But again, its a personal decision for everyone to make!


Dont worry nicole,

Patrick seems to have heard about xeljanz today for the 1st time and is stressing out everybody based on one single article he read on google.

Xeljanz is just like any other drug with some side effects like any other drug and approved by the FDA like any other drug.

I was also prescribed with Xeljanz by Columbia University doctor Lindsey Bordone who looked extremely professional and expert in the area.

Hi Juan,

Thank you!

They are amazing at Columbia! I feel so lucky to have finally found them after so many doctors who never gave me any hope!
They are very knowledgable and compassionate. I go to 51st st. office.

How long have you been on it now?

Hi Nicole

Ok, that sounds really good. Apologies if I came across over worried as I’m having a hard time with my hair loss right now. I’ve had no relief from conventional nor holistic medicine. A drug like this does however give me some hope. Let’s hope it becomes available in the UK in the not too distant future.

I just wanted to let you know what I’ve found that’s all and there were no evil intentions really.

Thats good you have found a doctor who has able to help you and treat you.

Good luck but looks like you will be fine judging by the photos

 Best wishes


Good luck to you too Patrick!!

i know I tried everything too. 

Here in the states All the doctors put everyone on steroids yet the long term affects of steroids are horrible so everything is a bit of a gamble!

 Keep us posted and we will do the same! 

And stay strong and positive friend! 



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