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My Story

I am new to Alopecia world! I am 24 years old and I first started experiencing hair loss when I was 21. I have female pattern hair loss. I first started noticing a difference in my part, then it became general hair loss all over my scalp. I have seen many doctors and had many test done only to determine there is no medical help I can receive. My dermatologist has suggested cortizone shots in my scalp. I am wondering if anyone has experienced these and what the results are! Thanks you!!

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Looking for a special girl!

     Hi my name is Scott.  I am hoping to connect with a girl who would like to meet and see where it goes.  Friendship first, hopefully followed by a relationship. I look forward to sharing a relationship with someone I can relate to on all levels.  Most people can not fully understand what we are going through.  Look forward to meeting you!

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14 months

So I haven't written a blog post in quite a while, it seems that I had forgotten that my Alopecia even existed for a while! A lot of you will be thinking that that is the worst thing to do, because it always seems to come back with a vengance, but not this time.

I suffer from AA, but when my hair starts to fall out it all goes from my head, but then after a while I do get regrowth! So the last time I fully lost my hair was Christmas 2013, it is now the summer of 2015! Yes I have lost…


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Found my first bald spot

It's finally apparent. I found a wide bald spot in the bang area where my part is. No matter how I style it it still shows. Trying not to panic but it's hard. Really need some encouraging words right now. Someone...anyone...

Added by Dragongirl on August 13, 2015 at 5:23pm — 2 Comments

My story

Hi all!

I decided today to look at some alopecia websites today for the first time. I had an idea that a lot of people have alopecia but I had NO idea how badly some people struggle with it. Reading some of the posts below put things into perspective for me so I decided to tell you all about my alopecia story.

I am now 20 years old and I have alopecia universalis. I got it around this time 3 years ago. It didn’t all fall out at once. First it was a slight loss of my eyelashes.…


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I know a lot of us people have been suffering from alopecia but we don't have the money to spend on wigs or medications so I wanted people to know that they can create a fund raising site for them selves if your ever in need of money all you have to do is tell your story and people will donate money for those cant afford an expensive wig or can't work cause of alopecia affecting your can help.

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Steve 2.0

Hi everyone,

I am new to this site as off yesterday but not new to alopecia unfortunately. I am a 24 years old male, currently living in the highlands of Scotland and I have had alopecia for roughly 6 years now. At first my alopecia started off as AA and then slowly developed over to AT where it currently still sits. I have had patches off slight regrowth but nothing major. Currently I have lost about 90% off my scalp hair, 50% off my eyelashes and my eyebrows are roughly…


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If you shave it all off

Hi - I have FFA, took years for the doctors to take it seriously.

 I have had the cortisones, NSAID , and minoxidil  and have had reactions to first two. Moon face, neuropathy.

The hair just keeps getting thinner and I am 59. 

I hate the itching - it never seems to actually stop.

It is spoiling so much in my day to day life, worst days being stressed days and the ones with flares.

I am healthy eater, do like wine, not much dairy but its there.



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Hi wanted to here back from anyone with regrowth stories mine all fell out last September buy Christmas I started to regrow new white hair then mid April it started to fill in with original dark hair really well it's now the start of August and I still have patches theatre haven't got any dark hair at all wounding if anyone else had this and if there's ever filled in or could I be left with patches sick of shaving it every two days

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