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Discovery Channel features Katelyn in a Documentary

KATELYN Payne, 13, lives in County Durham with her dad Darren, 44, mum Ann-Marie, 37, and twin brother Hayden. She says:

“As my classmates and I ran inside after a rainy PE lesson, I could only watch as they wrung out their wet…


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Differentiating biopsy results

Hello all

Any help appreciated in advance

I present as typical female pattern hair loss...Its just thinning on crown center part area...sides and back pretty normal.

I went to several Dr over years mentioned it and they all said AGA.

My loss has been slow and steady..

I started looking into it more seriously this year--long story short i had a biopsy done few weeks ago because i wanted to see a Dr for AGA that will only take patients referred by…


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Topical vitamin D and AA

Successful treatment of AA with topical vitamin D:


Most people with alopecia have a vitamin D deficiency especially if they have a defect in the VDR gene ( like I do, I don't convert Vitamin D from the sun very well)

Might want to get your vitamin D levels checked and if low take like 4000ui a day and get some topical vitamin D and…


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Help, please

I'm really having a hard day today. I just feel like I'm drowning and i have no one in my life that understands what I'm going through. I just wish I had someone that I could talk to. 

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Cautiously optimistic

My eyelashes and eyebrows have grown back! The hair on my head is coming back! I don't want to get too excited. I never lost all my hair before 2 years ago. My dermatologist is giving me steroid injections in my scalp and it appears to be working. I know there is no guarantee that it won't fall out again. I can hope it will come back and stay! It's pretty even all over. Thank God!

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The Last 5 Years

I remember when we first saw that quarter sized bald spot on my 5 year old daughter's head. I was terrified and determined to make sure I found a way to stop the inevitable. Trust me we tried everything, thinking the solution was one experimental treatment away. Finally my daughter said she was done with the painful injections, irritating treatments and crazy diets. There was a big fear of the unknown, but I knew ultimately it was her decision whether she wanted to continue. She just wanted…


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