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I generally feel lucky at the moment.

I've had alopecia all my life. I've had wigs for about 14 years. Looking back at some shocking styles..

Yes there are days it bugs me having a wig esp when the thing won't sit right, that I get fed up with it. I want to change it. One horrific moment it blew off in a busy city and my boyfriend shouted like it was my fault lol I laugh now as I understand he was just embarrassed as I was :)

I've been experimenting with drawing on… Continue

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Hi guys!

Really nice to meet you all)) My name is Dasha and I first had AA when I was 11. It was closer to AU. I lived in Ukraine back then and of course docs didn't know what the alopecia means or how to treat it. So I tried  (literally) every possible treatment. Long story short I wore wig for 3 years in school. That was depressing. Since I'm from a small town and kids can be really mean to someone who is different.  

After 3 years my hair just started to grow back. Not sure…


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Use your difference

One of the groups on is called “Use Your Difference!" and it reminds me that there are many ways you can use your alopecia to help others.


For example, right here on, you can make it a habit to send…


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Is it okay mixing essential oils, steroids, and Rogaine?

I just was curious if anyone had any knowledge about mixing the three of these treatments. I want to use lemongrass essential oil, but I also use a topical steroid and Rogaine treatments consistently. Does any one know if I should not try all three at once? Or if it doesn't matter because they won't affect each other? I am constantly left in this dilemma. Looking for answers.

Thank you

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Trying to come to terms with my alopecia

Hi, everyone.

I'm new to this website but I should have been on here a while ago. I am 22 years old, and I was diagnosed with a diffuse form of Alopecia Areata in August of 2015. I am writing because I just need support from others who have gone through, or going through what I am . No one around me understands what I am going through (and I don't blame them), but it is extremely difficult to get through it and talk about it with people who don't understand. My goal is to come to…


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Potentially reversing alopecia?

Before I share anything, I want to share my story. I've had alopecia since I was in elementary. I completely lost all of my hair in 7th grade. Ever since then I've been completely bald and after a while, fully embraced it. No longer wanting to grow my hair back. Ever since I got into college, I really loved the idea of nutrition and feeding the body what it truly needs which made me stumble upon a world renown Dr. who is one of the few that has researched alopecia. He has created a set of…


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Depression and alopecia: A match made in heaven

Alopecia has plagued my life for almost 7 years (I am 19 now). For the first two years after I was diagnosed the alopecia was extremely mild and also came and went. The only things that were affected were small patches on the back and sides of my head which quickly filled in. The Alopecia wasn't affecting me as much as it is now.

When I was sixteen, it started to get worse and more permanent. By the end of the school year I only had half an eyebrow on each side and a bit of loss on my…


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Alopecia only on body. Anyone else out there? Can this develop to appreciate universalist?


I am very new to your site. My son is 10 years old and he has alopecia only on his body/ not head, eyebrows and eyelashes. I was wondering if there is anyone else out there with the same issue as I am really worry how it's going to develop.

He was born like this. He never has any hair all-over his body. When he was 4year old, his eyebrows started to fall off, took him to the doctor as I didn't had any idea of alopecia. Doctor informed me and gave us a liquot medicine. Two… Continue

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